AdoubleU provides

products in the context of mobile life, social networking and mobile multimedia streaming. Apart of AdoubleU┤s products AdoubleU offers mobile-, web- and internet-application development services. AdoubleU relies on innovative ideas in order to simultaneously satisfy the overall requirements of customer-specific applications, an ergonomically valuable human machine interface (HMI) and those of distributed applications and their testing. You can rely on AdoubleUs development expertise in Jave Enterprise, Android and IPhone applications, services and extensions.

Technologie focus

We have helped our clients in their applications in various technologies. The main focus currently is:
  • Java based systems: J2SE, J2EE, J2ME, Android
  • iOS based systems: IPhone, IPod Touch and IPad (iPhone SDK or iPhone open toolchain)


We have successfully registered SamsungTVMessener App within Android Market: link

We have successfully registered ReDialing app within Android Market: link

We have successfully registered Android GMailPopup within Android Market: link

We have successfully registered UPnP DLNA MediaDownloader within Android Market: link

We have successfully registeredá client within Android Market: link